About Us

About Us

Roi Chess Academy has founded in the year 2016 to introduce the beautiful game of chess to fresh minds. With the founder’s idea RCA’s initiative “Chess for Kindergarten” which has been a huge responsive in all over the Nellore. N Manjula garu, Headmistress of ZP High School, who is most supportive and mentor of Roi Chess Academy. Our main objective is to promote chess game, bring out the young talents and boost chess in Nellore. Roi Chess Trainers helps children in improving their logical thinking, concentration, innovative, reasoning skills, under the professional experienced Rated coaches.

“Roi Chess Academy was founded in 2016 at Nellore by Abdul Azeez Shaik -FIDE Instructor”.

Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to create young rated chess players and champions by guiding them with valuable lessons and discipline that will serve them in all aspects of life


Providing Professional training to everyone. It is perfect place for youthful players to take in the privileged insights of the mind game.

Our Teams


Support Us and Change
the Course of a Child’s Life Today!

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Our Students

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