Akhil Yadlapalli defended his Trophy

5th Sunday Winner Akhil Yadlapalli defended his Trophy in the 6th Sunday Open Chess Tournament held at Narayana Engineering College on 3rd April.

Gens Una Sumus!!

Winners of the 6th Sunday Open Nellore District Chess Tournament-2022
1. Akhil Yadlapalli. 2. Chinta Venkata Gokul Siddhardh. 3. Shaik Samad. 4. Makam Rishi Manohar, 5 Veenu Prasad P V. Smart Women: N Manjula. Smart U15 Girl: Chemukula Yochana. Smart U15 Boy: Chemudugunta Dwarakanadh, Smart NECN (Female): Pavithra U, Smart NECN (Male) : Venkat K, Smart Youngest : Deva Anirudh.

The event was successfully completed on 3rd April 2022 ie, Sunday with a huge response. Narayana Engineering College Nellore EEE HOD Shri. Venkateswarlu garu, SPSR Nellore Chess Association President, N Manjula garu, PT Prasad garu awarded prizes to all the winners. The event was organized by Physical Education Department of Narayana Engineering College Nellore and Roi Chess Academy, Nellore.

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