Anand Naik wins 5th RCA Open Online Chess Tournament Category A

Anand Naik wins the 5th RCA Intra Online Chess Tournament Category – A

        Anand Naik of Railways won the 5th RCA Intra Online Chess Tournament which was conducted especially for Roi Chess Academy elite students in a classical format. Anand Naik is visitor player of Roi Chess Academy. Few strong players from outside also invited to participate in the event to make the event strong. The event took place on the academy tournament platform with zero inconvenience.  Academy Student Bilal Mohammed secured third place. To make the event strong we have divided the players into two categories. Here you can see some of the playing pics of children from category A and category B. Some of the parents also participated in the category B tournament. Mr. Dileep father of Adithya from USA secured first place in parents category. Karthik wins category B tournament.

5th RCA Intra Open Category A Final Standings
1. Anand , Badavath  Points 6
2. Midhun, G   Points 4.5
3. Bilal Mohammed,   Points 4
4. Mohit, G   Points 4 
5. Sai Chakradhar , Y   Points 3.5 
6. Mithilesh, P    Points 3 
7. Abhishai, Justin   Points 3
8. Venkata Karthik, Kedarisetty   Points 3 
9. Habeeba, Mohammed    Points 2.5 
10. Sharath,   Points 2 
11. Deekshita, Rammadugu    Points 2 
12. Tabassum, Mohammed    Points 2
13. Manjula, N    Points 1.5
14. Geethika Sri, Rammadugu    Points 1

5th RCA Category B Winners
Category B  (U-15 Best USA)
1. Karthik 5
2. Adithya 4.5
3. Poojith 3.5
Best youngest: Ruthvee Reddy

U-15 Open Best IND
1. Khyathi 4
2. Charandeep 4
3. Charan Reddy M 4
Best youngest : Monish, Nihanth, Charith

Smart Parents
1. Mr. Dileep (Adithya\’s father) USA
2. Mr. Karthik S (Adharv\’s father)
3. Mr. Naresh (Mithilesh\’s father)
4. Mrs. Poornima Bhargavi (Raj Likhith\’s mother)
5. Mrs. Sucharitha (Yuval\’s mother) USA

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