Nellore\’s first-ever FIDE INSTRUCTOR!

Abdul Azeez Shaik (the author of this article) – Nellore\’s only current 1900+ Rated Chess Player and also Nellore\’s first ever FIDE Instructor. Its glad to share that the founder of Roi Chess Academy is now a FIDE Instructor. Azeez has qualified for the title in the recently concluded FIDE Trainers Online Seminar from 29th May to 31st May. A total of 81 Participated from 10 countries in this seminar and out of them  71 titles were awarded on 19th of June for the participants of the FIDE Trainers Seminar. We have learned a lot from the world class players and trainers like Yusupov, Sokolov, Motylev, Yu Shaoteng, Thomas Luther, Dejan Bojkov. 

5 FIDE Trainers, 40 FIDE Instructors, 14 National Instructors and 12 Developmental Instructors were given the titles. This seminar was organized by FIDE in association with ChessBase India. I thank to Chessbase India for organizing such a great event to develop the chess in India.

Excellent training sessions and organizing, learned a lot of new things. Sending material regarding the seminar on the topics covered would make us feel happier. – Abdul Azeez Shaik


Abdul Azeez (Author of this article) playing against WGM Swathi Ghate. (file picture)
Artur Yusupov\’s session
Sokolov Session
Sagar Shah session
thomas Luther session

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