The Pawn Endings-2: The Opposition-2


In this position white can succeeds by playing close attention to the opposition. The reason is black is going to sacrifice the b pawn.

White to play:
1.Kh4!!  b3 2.cxb3  Kg6 3.Kg4  Kg6 4.Kf4  Ke6 5.Ke4  Kd6 6.Kd4  Kc6 7.Kc4  Kb6 8.Kb4  Kc6 9.Ka5 outflank wins for white (king on key square).
1.Kg3? draws 1… b3! 2.cxb3  Kg5 black catches opposition leads to draw.
1. Kg4? draws 1… b3! 2.cxb3  Kg6 3.Kf4  Kf6 4.Ke4  Ke6 5.Kd4  Kd6 6.Kc4  Kc6 7.Kb4  Kb6 leads to draw by opposition.

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