Youngsters hold defending Champion Akhil

Three consecutive Sunday\’s defending Champion Akhil Yadlapalli lost the 8th Sunday Open Chess Tournament to youngsters. Shaik Samad, Dwaraknadh and Mithilesh got same points. Thanks to tiebreaker bucholz which makes Samad as a Champion of the event with a half point difference. Guests of the tournament Shri. Sreenivasulu garu, Lecturer Govt. DIET, Pallepadu, Shri. Shiva garu, Lecturer, Govt DIET, pallepadu, Shri. Murali garu, Shri, MK Naidu garu awarded prizes to all the winners.

Top Three places of the 8th Sunday Open are as follows
1. Shaik Samad
2. Chemudugunta Dwaraknadh
3. Mithilesh P

Winners pics/playing stills can be download here

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