The Pawn Endings-2: Playing on two wings / Balancing


This is the best example to say that endgames are the best and very interesting to play. This position was played by Reti-1922, This is probably the most famous pawn ending study: the black pawn seems to be unstoppable but white can skillfully combine the fight against the black pawn by balancing the two pawns or playing on two wings.

White to Play:
1. Kg7!  h4(1… Kb6 2.Kf6  h4 3.Ke5  Kxc6 4.Kg4 caught the h pawn) 2.Kf6  h3 (2… Kb6 3.Ke5  h3 4.Kd6  h2 5.c7  h1=Q 6.c8=Q draw) 3.Ke6  h2 4.c7  h1=Q 5.c8=Q+ which leads to draw.

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