The Pawn Endings-2: Zigzag Method Example


In previous post we have seen winning for white in this type of position. A small change in this position, still the white king is ahead of his pawn. So, white has an advantage to capture the d5 pawn but after capturing the d5 pawn black manages to reach the d7 square to catch opposition which leads to draw.

White to play:
1.Ke6  Kc6 2.Ke5  Kc7 waiting to catch opposition 3.Kxd5  Kd7 4.Kc5  Kc7 5.d5  Kd7 6.d6  Kd8 7.Kc6  Kc8 8.d7+  Kd8 9.Kd6 stalemate.

Black to play:
Black king is not ahead of his pawn. So, black has to  go for a draw by catching opposition on Kd7 when white captures d5 pawn

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