The Pawn Endings-3: Disconnected Passers


Here Black King doesn\’t dare to capture either pawn.

White to play:
1.Kb2  Kf4 2.h4 looks like a connected passers, g4 and g5 are under white\’s control.
2… Kf5 If 2… kxf3 3.h5 queening.
3.Kb2  Kg6 4.f4  Kh5 5.f5  Kh6 6.Kc3  Kg7 7,h5  Kf6 8.h6  Kf7 9. Kd4  Kg8 10.f6  Kh7 11.f7  Kxh6 12.f8=Q+ white wins

Black to play:
1… Kf4 2.h4  Kf5 3.Kb2 +- 
same procedure like white to play shown in above 

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