The Pawn Endings-3: Typical Pawn Structures: An Outside Passed Pawn

Outside Passed Pawn: A passed pawn which is far away from the main set of pawns is called an \’Outside Passed Pawn\’


In this example we can see that which as an extra pawn on queen wing. Actually, the position is equal but after exchanging the queen side pawns white will get an outside passer.
White to play:
1.a4  Kd5 2.b5 axb5 (2… a5 means protected passer is created 3.b6  Kc6 4.Kxe4  Kxb6 5.Kd5  Kb7 6.Kc5  Ka6 7.Kc6  Ka7 8.Kb5  Kb7 9.Kxa5  Ka7 10.Kb5  Kb7 11.Kc5  Kc7 12.Kd5  Kb6 13.Ke5 wins for white)
3.axb5  Kc5
we can see how the king is overloaded to manage e pawn as well as to stop b pawn.
4.Kxe4  Kxb5 5.Kf5  Kc4 6.Kg6  Kd3 7.Kxh6+-

Black to play also white wins by using same method i.e, creating an outside passer

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