The Pawn Endings: Opposition


Opposition: Now the Kings are in opposition. Whoever catches opposition will have an advantage or whoever lose opposition will get disadvantage. It also depends upon the position. 
In pawn endings to win the game always king should be ahead of the pawn.

Here, we can see that white to play means black would not allow the white king i.e.,
White to play:
1.Kd5  Kd7 2.Ke5  Ke7 3.Kf5  Kf7 4.e5  now the pawn and king are in same line and also the king is not in 6th rank ahead of the pawn. It leads to a draw.
4… Ke7 5.e6  Ke8(waiting move to catch opposition) 6.Kf6  Kf8 7.e7+  Ke8 8.Ke6 stalemate. 

Black to play:
Black is losing opposition, so white will get an advantage by Outflank.
1.Kd7  Kf6 (King on 6th rank ahead of the pawn) 2.Ke8  Ke6 3.Kf8  Kd7 4.Kf7  e5 its Queening white wins.

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