The Pawn Endings: Key Square


Key Square: If the King reaches the marked key squares in front of own pawn then the promotion is simple without depending on who to play. In this case whoever plays wins for white because of white king in key square. One thing we need to maintain the key squares every move. 

White to play: 
1. e4 which is a spare move then black king has to go out of opposition or losing opposition. 1… Kf7 2.Kd6 outflank and also King on 6th rank ahead of the pawn. 2… Ke8 3.e5  Kd8 4.e6  Ke8 5.e7 (Pawn 7th rank without check wins) 5… Kf7 6.Kd7  Kf6 7.e8=Q +-.

Black to play:
King has to leave opposition or losing opposition.
1… Kf7 2.Kd6  (2.e4?? A Blunder move, because black catches opposition 2… Ke7 and would not allow white king into blacks territory which leads to draw.) 2… Kf6 3.e4  Kf7 4.e5  Ke8 5.Ke6  Kd8 6.Kf7  Kd7 7. e6  Kd8 8.e7  King any moves 9.e8=Q +-.

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