The Pawn Endings: Big square rule & Rook pawn

Big Square Rule:


From the above positions you can see the formation of a big square. The defending King is out of the Big square shown in position (b). pawn on c4 reaching c8 to promote Queen. c5-c6-c7-c8 total 4 squares to be Queen, count the squares from pawn to black king side in horizontal direction i.e, d4-e4-f4-g4 total 4 squares make a square. The defending king is out of the winning zone or out of Big square.

White to play: 
Black king is out of the winning zone or big square.
1.c5  Kg5 2.c6  Kf6 3.c7  Ke7 3.c8=Q +-

Rook Pawn:


Rook pawn is exceptional for all the other pawn endings.
Here we can see the King on 6th rank ahead of the pawn but still its a draw because of Rook pawn which leads to stalemate.
White to play:
1. Kb6  Kb8 2.a6  Ka8 3.a7 stalemate.

Black to play:
1… Kb8 2.Kb6  Ka8 3.a6  Kb8 4.a7+  Ka8 5.Ka6 stalemate.

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