The Pawn Endings: Distant Opposition

Distant Opposition:


In this position we can see that both the kings are in opposite to each in same color squares and the gap between the two kings is three which is odd number. This type of opposition is called as Distant Opposition.


White to play clear wins as the white king reaches the key square easily by playing Kc5 and  Kb6, 6th rank king ahead of the pawn wins.

Black to play: Generally who are not aware of distant opposition plays 1…Kd7?? which is blunder 2.Kd5!! catches oppostion. 2… Kc7 3.Kc5  Kb7 4.Kd6+- 6th rank king ahead of the pawn.
1…  Kd8!! distant oppostion
2.Kc5  Kc7(black catches opposition) 3.Kb5  Kb7 4.c5  Kc7 5.c6  Kc8 6.Kb6  Kb8 7.c7+ pawn reaching 7th rank with check leads to draw. 7… Kc8 8.Kc6 stalemate
This is the correct way to draw the game by using distant opposition.

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