The Pawn Endings: Long Opposition


Like opposition, distant opposition. In long opposition also the kings are in opposite direction in same color squares in the same rank or same file. The gap between the both the kings should be 5 squares which is odd digit. In the above position white king on d2 is in long opposition to the black king on d8 or vice versa.


In the above position black is trying to draw the game. Is it possible?
Yes, it\’s possible by catching long opposition. It is also because of the bad position of pawn on d3. If the pawn is on d2 then it would be clear win for white because the white king manage to reach the key squares.

Black to play: 
1… Kf8 long opposition
2.Ke3  Ke7 3.Kd4  Kd6 4.Kc4  Kc6 5.d4  Kd6 6.d5  Kd7
waiting to catch opposition 7.Kc5  Kc7 8.d6+  Kd7 9.Kd5  Kd8 waiting to catch opposition 10.Kc6  Kc8 11.d7+  Kd8 12.Kd6 stalemate 

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